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 Ancient Macedon: The Rise and Fall of a Hellenic Kingdom, 哪一个 will consider the embattled histories of early kings as well as the march to power of Philip II and Alexander the Great. This volume is currently under contract with I.B. Tauris.

 和平与和解的古典世界, 由劳特利奇出版。 



  • 古希腊文化和社会
  • 古希腊史
  • 古马其顿
  • 和平在古代世界
  • 古典接待
  • 在古城(模块协调员)谋杀
  • 授课MA:古城的秋天



Articles & chapters


  • L. J. Samons II, 伯里克利和历史的征服 (剑桥2016),在 经典回顾 69.1(2018)
  • 米revermann主编, 剑桥希腊喜剧 (剑桥2014),在 凤凰 70.3 / 4(2016)
  • 诉vahtikari, Tragedy Performances outside Athens in the Late Fifth and the Fourth Centuries BC (赫尔辛基2014),在 经典回顾 66(2016)
  • 一。 D'Angour, 希腊人和新 (剑桥,2011),在 经典回顾 64(2014)
  • 秒。刘易斯编着, 古老的暴政 (2006年爱丁堡),在 JHS 129(2009)
  • 学家罗姆主编, Alexander the Great: Selections from Arrian, Diodorus, Plutarch, and Quintus Curtius (Indianapolis & Cambridge 2006), in 经典回顾 56(2006)
  • 学家啤酒, 索福克勒斯和雅典民主的悲剧 (韦斯特波特,CT 2004),在 经典回顾 55(2005)


Selected paper presenations and conference organisation

  • 2018年11月: “古希腊史今天” (对 Arts & Humanities Institute)
  • 2017年10月: ‘Heroes and history: Macedonian kings before and beyond ‘the Great’’ (对 经典的关联南安普敦分支)
  • 2016年12月: “古代的理想和1916年” (对 Classics Discussion Group at Maynooth University)

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  • August 2015: ‘Courts, Kings, and all theatrical kings’ (对 爱尔兰经典的关联 年会上,2015年都柏林)
  • 国际 discussion panel on ‘Peace and Reconciliation’ at the 在经典凯尔特会议 (爱丁堡大学)
  • June 2014: ‘‘he never made peacebut just put off war.’ The ‘factitious humanity’ of Philip II’ (对 Celtic Classics Conference, Edinburgh)
  • Advanced research workshop on ‘Ancient Peace, Modern Lessons’ for the Dept. of Ancient Classics & the Edward M. Kennedy Institute (2014)
  • April 2014: ‘‘Neither Agamemnon nor Thersites, Achilles nor Margites...’ The Argead kings in our ancient sources’ (对 经典的关联 年会)