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医生克雷格·普雷斯科特 is 高级讲师 in Law in the 法学系

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Centre for Parliament and 公共法 (CPPL).

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约翰·斯坦顿和克雷格·普雷斯科特 公共法 (Oxford University Press, 2018), a second edition is due to published in April 2020. 


Prescott, C. Pilato, M and Bella, C, 'Geographical indications in the UK after Brexit: An uncertain future? (2020) Food Policy (No 101808) //doi.org/10.1016/j.foodpol.2019.101808


Written Evidence to Parliamentary Committees

Craig has submitted evidence to the following select committee inquiries:



Modern Monarchy and Prorogation - Clearer Rules are Required - Democratic Audit Blog (September 2019) 

“女王和brexit” 利姆 - 回访 意大利地缘政治学迪 (2019年6月) in Italian, link to the English language version.

A 'Snap' General Election? It’s Far from a Certainty. U.K. Const. L. Blog (13th Jul 2016)

Prisoner Voting and the Constitution, UCL. UK Const. L. Blog (9th July 2014) (Conference Report)

Interdisciplinary Uncertainty’ A Report from Conference on the Teaching of 公共法. UK Const. L. Blog (2nd July 2013)

The Union, Constitutional Change and Constitutional Conventions (and English Regionalism?) UK Const. L. Blog (3 April 2013)



Introduction fo the WADA Anti-Doping Code. Guest Lecture at UCFB, Wembley Stadium, March 2019.

Modern Monarchy: State and Nation. Constitutional Law Seminar Series, City, University of London, March 2018 (text available here) 


Brexit: What Next? bet356体育在线网址投注, April 2017. 观看视频演示。

Modern Monarchy: Brexit and English Identity. Expertise in English Issues Event, bet356体育在线网址投注, September 2016

Informal Constitutional Change: Pulling Iraq Up from Its Bootstraps. Who Takes Britain to War? Conference, University of Leicester

The Methodology of Cameron’s Government. 2015 英国宪法协会 Conference, University of Manchester