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I am Principal Lecturer in Archaeology and Head of the Department of Archaeolology, Anthropology and Georgraphy Neolithic and Bronze Age Wessex and Yorkshire: a Comparative 研究. I did some teaching at UCL, then at the University of Århus in Denmark and the University of Liverpool.

As well as academic works listed below I have collaborated on three popular books: Centuries of Darkness, Ancient InventionS和 古老的奥秘。


  • 后来史前
  • 战争考古学
  • 死亡的考古学 and the life cycle



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  • Parker Pearson M. and Thorpe, I J.N. (eds) (2006) Warfare, violence and slavery in prehistory (Oxford: British Archaeological Reports).
  • Edited works: contributions (since 2000)
  • Thorpe, I.J.N. (2001) 'Danish causewayed enclosures - temporary monuments?' In Darvill T & Thomas J (eds) Neolithic Enclosures in Atlantic Northwest Europe (Oxford), pp 190-203
  • Thorpe, I.J.N. (2002) 'Of gameS和 invention: the function of invention, the invention of function'. In: Götz M. et al. (eds) Heureka oder die Kunst des Entwerfens (Ulm), pp 86-92.
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