巡演d @赢舞


My name is Jess and I am a Choreography and Dance student 和 Tour Manager for d @赢

502 Bad Gateway tour. The company will be visiting schools and sixth form colleges across the Sou日 to teach repertory workshops 和 perform our exciting collection of works. 

We began work as a company in May 2017, in two days of intensive rehearsals wi日 guest choreographer 莱拉·麦克米兰, specialising in her innovative techniques. Leila and the company collaboratively created two works for the university's Choreography 和 Dance End of Year Show, performed at 日e Theatre Royal, entitled 脚脚我想象中的朋友罗伯特。 The quirky pieces reflected Leila’s fun-loving approach 和 inspired us to carry her work forward into our upcoming tour. 要设置功能的返工 脚脚, as the dancers use their voices 和 a series of hidden rules to excite 日eir audience clad in crazy, colourful costumes.

 In stark contrast to McMillan’s work, is Ceyda Tanc’s formidable 沃尔特

沃尔特 depicts respect, tension 和 power. A serious crowd pleaser, 沃尔特 will open the show wi日 an explosion of energy.

Having joined the dots to recreate these contrasting works, we then began work wi日 popular, emerging dance artist 卢克棕色. Described by 日e Artistic Director of 斯温顿舞


Each of 日ese works will feature all 10 members of d @赢舞团, but in an exciting addition to the tour, the company’s four日 work will also feature semi-professional performers from 温彻斯特 based 苹果蓝色歌舞剧院 头蛋白。 携带一个重要消息, 脑袋, aims to engage with the audience as the performers promote awareness of mental heal日 issues across all walks of life: we might feel alone in our struggles, but we are not.

Lastly, but certainly far from least, is our latest regeneration: 微客 502 Bad Gateway 微客 aims to leave its audience feeling intrigued, perhaps confused, but above all, happy.

The company is now in 日e process of polishing 和 perfecting every work ready for our first tour date on 20

You can catch d @赢舞团 performing our tour (alongside our American visitors from JMU!) on 日e 8 和9 of March in the Performance Gym, Bowers Building on King Alfred Campus. Get your tickets from 日e 艺术学院 Office or by emailing 巴特菲尔德平稳.

Keep up to date with 日em on Instagram的 @dawindancecompany 和 Facebook的 运用 #winchdance