Johnson & Johnson And Subsidiary To Pay $117 Million Settlement After Endangering Women's Health

Johnson & Johnson and Subsidiary to Pay $117 Million

消费者误导的安全性,有效性, 和阴道网格设备的潜在风险

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today announced a multistate settlement, along with 41 additional attorneys general, requiring Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon, Inc. to pay nearly $117 million for the deceptive marketing of transvaginal surgical mesh devices that endangered the health of women across New York and the rest of the nation. A multistate investigation found the companies violated state consumer protection laws by misrepresenting the safety and effectiveness of the devices and failing to sufficiently disclose risks associated with their use.

“健康和安全必须拿出利润之前,” 总检察长詹姆斯 said. “While Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary were putting income before the health of people in need of care, women were put in danger. My office will never waver in its efforts to hold companies accountable for risking the health of its consumers.”


The multistate investigation found the companies misrepresented or failed to adequately disclose the products’ possible side effects, including the risk of chronic pain and inflammation, mesh erosion through the vagina, incontinence developing after surgery, painful sexual relations, and vaginal scarring. Evidence shows that Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary were aware of the possibility for serious medical complications but did not provide sufficient warnings to consumers or surgeons who implanted the devices.

Under the settlement, Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $116.86 million to the 41 participating states and the District of Columbia. New York State will receive $5,203,122.50 under the settlement.



  • 从参考模型作为“美国FDA批准,”不要当事实并非如此。
  • 从代表,在促销,与网格相关的风险,可以单独用手术经验或技术来消除避免。
  • 确保提供医疗专业人士认为,产品培训涵盖了与网格相关的风险。
  • 停止声称:该手术网状延伸或保持植入后手感柔软,即异物反应是暂时的,异物反应“可能”会出现,当研究表明,他们这样做,事实上,发生。
  • 披露目风险包括:瘘管形成和炎症,以及网格挤压,曝光和侵蚀插入阴道等器官。
  • 披露的风险:经阴道植入和阴道的疤痕组织收缩,性交疼痛,性功能丧失,急迫性尿失禁,从头失禁,感染。
  • 披露的风险包括翻修手术:可能需要治疗的并发症,可能无法解决并发症,也与不良反应的风险。


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