An important and rapidly expanding area of research at 温彻斯特.



The Medical Education 研究 Centre aims to:

  • Encourage and facilitate staff and students to conduct research;
  • Disseminate research findings to the academic world and beyond (i.e. professional and general audiences)
  • Build on our established track record and move forward into international forums;

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  • Contribute to the research environment;
  • 推进冲击议程;
  • Assist members in continuing to generate income for the University through bids for project work and consultancy roles.

In April 2017, MERC organised a Medical Education 研究 Forum, a showcase of the work of staff and students.


Here are a few examples of recent and ongoing research:

  • Evaluating the provision of remediation support in UK dentistry
  • 研究 with and about doctors with dyslexia and the adaptive methods used in the workplace
  • A structured literature review of the role of the arts in medical education (awaiting publication in Medical Education)
  • Ongoing research to evaluate a GP FY1 taster scheme for The Foundation School, Health Education Wessex
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  • A review of approaches to identifying poor performance in NHS organisations for the National NHS Revalidation Support Team
  • Publication of the occasional paper 'Exploring Appraisal'
    An evaluation of the role of mentoring to support ‘struggling’ GPs for the GP School, Health Education Wessex
  • An evaluation of 研究生 Certificate for General Practitioner Appraisers
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  • Exploration of impact on clinical practice of developing as a medical educator
  • How is practice learnt? The professional development of medical educators undertaking an MA education. PhD Thesis 2013
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    The Centre also works with a wider network of academic staff, Visiting Professors and 研究 Fellows.

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