studying as a distance learner enables you to decide when, where and at a time of your choice.

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the flexibility of studying at a distance opens a variety of opportunities that are not restricted to location. you are at liberty to choose your own place and space and to change it as much you need, making the world your own campus. see below for some information from our students and their tutors.

what is it like to study by distance?

make use of the british library or senate house in london. find your perfect working environment, with the general hubbub of your local café, or the comfort of your own sofa. conduct research on location at museums, galleries, archives. discuss your learning with professionals in your field whilst on the job. schedule work around travel without having to be in a particular pace at a given time.

who is a typical distance learner?

as you will see below, distance learning students are so diverse which is what makes this type of study so unique. there is no stereotypical type of student. age, profession, location, culture and reasons for study differ vastly.

dr. christina welch talks about her cohort:

“students on the ma death, religion and culture connect via adobe connect from a variety of locations and professional backgrounds. kayler studies from america so time management is essential for her to deal with time differences. linda works in palliative care and her dissertation relates directly to her professional work. ailsa works for the tate and ruth is a priest from portsmouth!”

we pride in ourselves on excellence in teaching and learning, experiencing our virtual campus means that you don't miss out.

course materials on the learning network

course materials are accessed via our learning network, which will hold all of the important information and study materials that you need to successfully complete the course. many courses also send a study pack out to students.

online discussions

these online discussions work in the same way as instant messenger or an email thread. the good thing is that you can reply and read the messages at a time that is convenient to you. they are an important way in which you can communicate with your tutors and others on the course. discussions may focus on a study topic, assignment or an interesting piece of reading.

your student handbook and learning network pages will also include all the contact information you need alongside all of the important dates of the course.

adobe connect online classroom

adobe connect for distance and flexible study enables groups to meet in an online classroom. this is similar to skype, in which students all log in at a particular time and can see and speak to each other in a group. these sessions are facilitated by the tutor for the course and include presentations, group discussions and activities.


email is a key way in which distance learners communicate with their tutor to ask questions, gain information about the course and get advice. all university of winchester students are issued with a student email address. this mode of communication suits those with busy lives, and helps individuals balance study with other time commitments. 

phone tutorials

most courses offer phone tutorials at regular intervals so you never feel out of touch. these can be organised at convenient times and enable key points of communication to occur.

whether you're looking to improve your academic skills, need advice on student life. or require materials for your research, we have a variety of resources available to support you through your studies:


distance learning resources

student services

our welcoming, friendly and supportive student services team are available to meet individual needs.
the student services team work hard to cover all the needs of a distance student. you can phone or email to book an appointment with a student adviser who can assess your needs and the relevant actions to take place. phone and skype appointments can be arranged as well as campus appointments. student services cover a range of things from disabled student allowance to the access to learning fund. disability and wellbeing advisers are available to talk to and the university also runs a counselling service. student advisers are a great first port of call for advice on any university or personal matter.

our student services team can be contacted here:

helen piper, our senior student adviser can advise you on any matter and who to contact about it.

lesley black head of wellbeing is able to answer questions about counselling and disability.

for those who are returning to education and need to brush up on study skills such as academic writing and reading techniques, we have a dedicated study skills support team. you will gain access to helpful 'how to' guides and one to one tutorials via skype or phone.

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the library has a range of online resources to support distance and flexible learners.

accessing online resources

to use the online resources please log in to our intranet and visit the library's intranet pages by clicking on the 'library' tab. once you have logged in, you will have been automatically logged into the athens system and should be able to access the various resources to which we subscribe, including e-books and online articles. please see the subject pages for your librarian's recommendations.

library services for distance and flexible learners

the library provides services for distance and flexible learners, please be aware that this applies to students who live on mainland united kingdom, outside the county of hampshire. further information on the services we offer can be found here , including how to register and our postal and inter library loan services.

inter-library loan journal articles

you can now request journal articles (which fall outside of our subscriptions) via our online inter-library loans box. this box can be found at the bottom of the search results page. please be aware that there is charge of £2.50 per request. if you have any questions about this service please email us.

accessing other university libraries

the library participates in the sconul access scheme, which may entitle you to borrow items from other participating libraries. you can apply online.

accessing other libraries

you may also find that your local public library can provide you with relevant resources, as well as being a good place to study outside of the home. not sure where your nearest public library is? go to the find a library website.

for anyone based in and around london, the british library is well worth a visit.

winchester student union

supporting the welfare of our members by providing representation, educational development and should you wish, social and extra-curricular opportunities.

particularly handy for a distance or part-time student- they can provide an on site presence- to physically represent you when an email or phone call just won't do. by all means, make use of them. send them to committee meetings with your views… get their help to form your own online communities within your course and beyond… find out where you stand with difficulties such as finance or registry procedures… have a good moan…or just need to chat with someone who understands your circumstances. your su representatives are here for you!

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